Fictitious Beauty

Adding a crown on her head
does not lessen her insecurity
or dissolve her hesitancy

Adding an alluring title as a princess
does not help to clarify the identity of her
or solve the confusion inside her

It is only generating greater amounts
of emotional fragility on her

The expectation of perfectness is implausible
The pressure of a “princess” ideal image
is indescribable burden

She is tangled in a fictitious beauty.

But the power of genuine supports,
enduring compassion, and unconditional acceptance
from the significant others
slowly help her to gather the broken pieces
that are scattered underneath her inner vulnerability.

She tries to clear the phantoms
from her head and grasps reality
she swims into the depth
of her self-confidence and courage
She aims not for perfection anymore

The crown is only an ornament
they put it on her because she deserves it
the insecurities and doubts inside her
are elements that will always be needed
to keep her grounded.

She needs no validation;
because every woman is a queen.
A ruler of her own life.